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Something BIG

Onyx Lifestyle is an exclusive
membership that allows you access to:

- Private banking services
- Luxury lifestyle benefits
- Ability to have your money work for you.

Welcome To


Benefits that have been enjoyed by the elite, now available to you.

What's the hype?

We are a company built around bringing luxury level services to the average person. When you become a member of Onyx, you will gain access to a digital platform built to save you time, money, increase your wealth, and provide you VIP treatment previously reserved only for the elite.

How It Works

  • Private Bank Account

    Global banking through your personal account. Connecting you to all the services you need.

  • Onyx Select Card

    As part of your Onyx Lifestyle Membership, you will receive a Select Membership Card. It's not just a card, it's a key to luxury. There are several membership tiers so you can choose what is right for you.

  • Crypto Conversion

    Let us help you bridge the fiat and crypto markets world wide. Buy, Sell, and use Crypto. Connect your crypto wallet to your everyday activities.

  • Luxury Benefits

    You will recieve exclusive access to VIP events that you normally wouldn't have access to. Whether it's sporting events, fashion, movie premiers, concerts, nightlife, etc. Whatever your interests, we will help you gain exclusive access.

  • LQD8 Blocks

    Put your money to work through the micro-lending program that allows you to participate in providing liquidity loans to the crypto market.

  • Wholesale Travel

    Book travel through our powerful booking engine or with your personal Onyx concierge. Get access to the best wholesale travel pricing in the world.

How I

Like what you see? Join us in Dubai on June 6th through the 8th for the Onyx COLLECTIVE EVENT! Want your flight and hotel on us? Earn through the Onyx Rewards Plan by referring other people who lock in their spots and become members.